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Brisbane’s centre for hydroponics since 1995, Aqua Gardening Hydroponics places customer satisfaction as top priority. With simple Australia-wide shipping prices, we have a background in online sales as demonstrated by our 100% positive eBay reputation.

Our online store features the best in hydroponic lights and nutrients, and the best grow media available. Check out our ventilation range to see our top quality European made Can Fans. With ventilation control devices we will help make your indoor garden easy to manage at an affordable price.

Aqua Gardening’s aquaponics supplies feature grow beds, clay pebbles and the best organic defences against pests that are available. With 7 years in aquaponics, we are able to assist customers with every question that comes up.

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Have a question or need some advice? Check out our Hydroponic and Aquaponic articles and tips under “Learn”. We’re available during business hours on 07 3354 1588.